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US-2008071164-A1: Devices And Methods For Combined Optical And Magnetic Resonance Imaging patent, US-2008096482-A1: Fan controller patent, US-2008302586-A1: Wheel set for robot cleaner patent, US-2008304235-A1: Electronic module configured for air flow therethrough and system including same patent, US-2009061103-A1: Liquid release agent patent, US-2009285176-A1: Framework for internetworking between wman and wlan networks patent, US-2010035693-A1: Gaming system patent, US-2010065305-A1: Electrical lead-through for safety tanks patent, US-2010102732-A1: Driving light emitting diodes patent, US-2010128751-A1: Sensor Arrangement patent, US-2010135514-A1: Microphone patent, US-2004002567-A1: Odor free molding media having a polycarboxylic acid binder patent, US-2004257870-A1: Magnetic memory device patent, US-2005023799-A1: Easily foldable golf cart patent, US-2005200194-A1: Power supply network for brake system patent, US-2005232308-A1: Frame alignment and cyclic extension partitioning patent, US-2006014120-A1: Biofunctional dental implant patent, US-2006133630-A1: In-ear monitor with hybrid dual diaphragm and single armature design patent, US-2006140485-A1: Method and apparatus for detecting an image of a reflective object patent, US-2006140498-A1: Apparatus and method for processing an image patent, US-2006154668-A1: Overlay micro cell structure for universal mobile telephone system network patent, US-2006193531-A1: System for analyzing images of blazed phase grating samples patent, US-2006199849-A1: Solid lercanidipine free base patent, US-2007035559-A1: Compositing external images into a multimedia rendering pipeline patent, US-2007158817-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2007251649-A1: Machine for assembling and disassembling a tyre fitted with a rigid inner run-flat ring patent, US-2007269107-A1: Object Recognition Device, Object Recognition Method, Object Recognition Program, Feature Registration Device, Feature Registration Method, and Feature Registration Program patent, US-2007277099-A1: Page source data generation method, page source data generation system, and program patent, US-2008169918-A1: Hinged arm retainer arrangement patent, US-2008223215-A1: Co2 recovery system and waste-product removing method patent, US-2008238279-A1: Home-bar door and the manufacturing method patent, US-2008281436-A1: Prosthetic Foot with Tunable Performance patent, US-2009106602-A1: Method for detecting problematic disk drives and disk channels in a RAID memory system based on command processing latency patent, US-2009188088-A1: Fastening means patent, US-2010020278-A1: Liquid crystal display device and production method thereof patent, US-2010133558-A1: Flip chip type led lighting device manufacturing method patent, US-2003182508-A1: Methods and apparatus for speculative probing with early completion and early request patent, US-2003200436-A1: Access control method using token having security attributes in computer system patent, US-2004076174-A1: Method of reducing near-end crosstalk in an MxU networking architecture patent, US-2004158383-A1: Control system for cylinder cut-off internal combustion engine patent, US-2004201775-A1: Camera function patent, US-2006008149-A1: Method of performing shape localization patent, US-2006032455-A1: Animal display and habitat assembly patent, US-2006151565-A1: Combustion chamber arrangement in combustion type power tool patent, US-2006206664-A1: Data processing system patent, US-2007184468-A1: Methods for detecting and localizing DNA mutations by microarray patent, US-2007214841-A1: Method for Fabricating an Optical Fiber, Preform for Fabricating an Optical Fiber, Optical Fiber and Apparatus patent, US-2008165559-A1: Data line layout and line driving method in semiconductor memory device patent, US-2008192231-A1: Stochastic Scanning Apparatus Using Multiphoton Multifocal Source patent, US-2008294830-A1: Docking an information handling system patent, US-2008299382-A1: Functionalized metal nanoparticle, buffer layer including the same and electronic device including the buffer layer patent, US-2009026322-A1: Cable routing device patent, US-2009090400-A1: Water Delivery System For Multi-Position Spray Arm Of A Dishwasher patent, US-2009212816-A1: Impedance adjustment circuit patent, US-2009256463-A1: Electron emission device and display device using the same patent, US-2009319441-A1: System and Method for Analyzing and Displaying Security Trade Transactions patent, US-2010084736-A1: Soi substrate contact with extended silicide area patent, US-2010117351-A1: Welding Spacer patent, US-2004075987-A1: Heat spreaders, heat spreader packages, and fabrication methods for use with flip chip semiconductor devices patent, US-2006139148-A1: Method, apparatus and system for controlling access to a cabinet patent, US-2006246481-A1: Methods of identifying cellular target molecules patent, US-2006277406-A1: System and method for encrypted communication patent, US-2006289716-A1: Flat panel display with detachable base patent, US-2007025920-A1: Stable Pharmaceutical Solution Formulations for Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers patent, US-2007186418-A1: Method for manufacturing a hearing device and a use of the method patent, US-2008042234-A1: Electric fuse circuit and electronic component patent, US-2008179150-A1: Electronic device latch dempening system patent, US-2008182215-A1: System and method for controlling toxic gas patent, US-2010007750-A1: Video over ethernet patent, US-2010031120-A1: Modification to meggitt decoder for burst error correction codes patent, US-2010150435-A1: Image processing method and apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus using the image processing apparatus patent, US-2004050322-A1: Apparatus and method for applying adhesive to tubing patent, US-2004101912-A1: System for cell-based screening patent, US-2004108854-A1: Subsurface conductivity imaging systems and methods patent, US-2004187879-A1: Smoking device with self-contained ignition means patent, US-2004196805-A1: Combined selective time switching transmission deversity (ststd) method and system patent, US-2004263173-A1: Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device patent, US-2005089190-A1: Recording content distribution information into an adjunct to content patent, US-2005270156-A1: System and method for tracking the movement and location of an object in a predefined area patent, US-2005273067-A1: Absorbent structure and method for producing the same patent, US-2006195318-A1: System for correction of speech recognition results with confidence level indication patent, US-2006201170-A1: System and method for controlling ice tray fill in an ice maker patent, US-2007030817-A1: Constraining multicast traffic between a layer 2 network device and a router patent, US-2008087494-A1: Fire escape apparatus patent, US-2008105366-A1: Method for producing plastic products with reinforced heat sealed joints patent, US-2008143279-A1: Electric Drive System patent, US-2009008430-A1: Solder-bonding process patent, US-2009055059-A1: Shift-by-wire selector control system for a motor vehicle transmission patent, US-2009142536-A1: Angled double-wall junction patent, US-2009218889-A1: On-vehicle power generation controller patent, US-2009243427-A1: Micro motor patent, US-2009305919-A1: Multi-Dispersant Lubricating Composition patent, US-2004033423-A1: Holographic recording material patent, DE-1541725-A1: Magisches Tee mit Gitter patent, US-2005139207-A1: Deep fat fryers patent, US-2005216466-A1: Method and system for acquiring resource usage log and computer product patent, US-2005262642-A1: Mattress having a light-transmissive cover and method of using patent, US-2006043866-A1: Image display apparatus patent, US-2006060222-A1: Dishwasher and sump assembly thereof patent, US-2006153455-A1: Method and apparatus of automated optical container code recognition with positional identification for a transfer container crane patent, patent, patent, 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